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Cheese + Almond on a rice cracker, as a new finger food?

The cheese almonds from Sanko seika are honestly not very special rice crackers. 

cheese almond

On a thin rice cracker, there is cheese and almond. As a finger food, using such small rice crackers are a very good idea.

cheese almond2

But we thought that it could be easy to recreate by ourselves. We couldn’t find a need to buy such an easy combination again.


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The balance of taste is awesome

But just after tasting this rice cracker, we had to change our mind. The balance of cheese and almond was perfect! 

cheese almond3

We are not sure, but this cheese could be a kind of cheddar, but the aftertaste was little bit spicy. We are now convinced that it is almost impossible to recreate this perfect combination by ourselves.


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