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Is the Crêpe product from Popin'Cookin' no longer available?

We bought this Crêpe Yasan from Popin’Cookin’ in Japan at least 3 years ago, because the expiration date was 2019.

We usually don’t mind this, but we were a bit concerned because we could not find any information about this product on the Kracie website.

crepe yasan

If this product was still available, we could have found an English introduction. But it might be that this Crêpe  product is no longer available…

crepe yasan2

The Japanese information was too complicated for us, so that we watched a Youtube video which visualises  the process. 


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The highlight is making the Crêpe

Thanks to the Youtube video, we could make them easily. The highlight of this product is, without a doubt, making the Crêpes themselves.


After this fun process, the Crêpe dough had to be microwaved.

The finished Crêpe was decorated with strawberries and cream.

crepe yasan3

It took more than 1 hour, but it was fun for our child.

crepe yasan4

Even better than the experience was the taste of the Crêpe! Therefore it made us very sad that this product is not available anymore…


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