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Chewing candy you can tear apart with your hand

Chewing candies are yummy, but they have a problem that they stick to our teeth. In the worst case, they are chewy enough to pull out your crown.

But the solution for these problems is this Puchitto Budou from Kracie.

puchitto Budou

These chewing candies are like a bunch of grapes and you can tear each grape apart with your hand.


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Ideal chewing candy for little kids

There are 2 sizes, regular size and big size. If you are lucky, you can find some big bunches of grapes in the package.

puchitto Budou2

Honestly saying, it tastes like a typical Japanese sweet with artificial grape flavour. For kids, it must surely be yummy.

puchitto Budou3

After tearing, the chewing candy does not have enough sticky power to pull out our crowns!

For kids, tearing grapes apart with their hands is surly fun. Also, it takes time to eat up while tearing. So it could be that these Puchitto Budou maybe can keep children from eating too much chewing candies.


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