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Japanese fried chicken without the guilty feeling?

When we found this product “Tsuminaki Karaage” (Japanese style fried chicken without a guilty feeling) from Koikeya, the image of juicy fried chicken from Japan came to our mind at first.

tsuminaki karaage

Without thinking too much, we purchased it promptly. 

A few Karaage came out of the package and they seemed to be almost the same as on the package photo.

tsuminaki karaage2

But even without trying them, we could easily imagine how it would taste.


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Definitely not Karaage!

This product name, “innocent fried chicken”, implies that the “meat”  is made from a vegetarian meat substitute, the so called soy meat.

In Japan, we ate some similar soy products which tasted very good, so we expected the quality of this product to be high too.

tsuminaki karaage3

But we were disappointed, because this product was nothing like Karaage.

They were very thin and crispy… The total opposite of juicy meat… We are afraid that as a snack, we can not recommend this product. The harmony of the soy meat and spice was not ideal… Hopefully, an updated version will come soon.


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