About "How to travel Japan"

Our website provides information from our real experiences in Japan.

If you are going to visit Japan for your first time or if you want to have a typical sightseeing tour in Japan, maybe you don’t need our information. But if you are repeater or if you want to experience something special in Japan, you can find some useful information for your trip on our website.

We’ve visited Japan more than 10 times, And our Japanese expert always finds information which is very hard to find for foreigners. The editor is not a native English speaker, but an (almost) native English speaker is in our team. He takes a look at our texts and corrects them.

One of our focuses is visiting places, that appeared in movies, tv series and anime. Also, we focus on Japanese trains, especially special Shinkansen and expresses. We always use a Japan rail pass during our stay in Japan. By using this rail pass, we can go on almost twice as much trains for half the price. We can tell you not only how to use the Japan rail Pass, but also how to use it more than it’s actually worth.

If you have any question, please contact us through our contact form.