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A brand new express with a sleeping car was debuted

The new express from JR was debuted in September 2020. This train is called the “West Express Ginga” (Galaxy). It starts in Kyoto or Osaka and is bound for Izumo or Shimonoseki.

The Express Ginga is a special express for tourists, you can have a relaxed ride while snoozing in either a bed or a seat which can be reclined into a bed.

This express offers many special attractions. For example, exclusively for the passengers of this train, the noodle stand at Himeji station is opened at late night. At the Matsue station, there is a welcoming event from Ninjas. 


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Can we ride the West Express GINGA with our Japan rail pass?

Now, the tickets are only available at the Nippon travel agency, but we are very happy to know that we will be able to ride this express with our Japan Rail pass in the near future. It means this Express is like the Sunrise Express (seat reservation is needed).


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