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The train journey from Takamatsu to Okayama was one of the highlights of our travel in Shikoku

If you are planning to visit Shikoku, you should ride the Marine liner. Even if you aren’t going to Shikoku, but you’ll only visit near Okayama, we still recommend to ride the Marie liner.  
This train runs through the great Seto gate bridge so you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Seto inland sea from the train. It is only around a 1hour ride, but it is really something special.

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A wonderful view through the window of the Marine Liner

When the train approaches the great Seto bridge, the show starts.

marine liner
Marine Liner2

You can enjoy a wonderful view of the Seto inland sea through the window. If you have your Japan Rail Pass, it is really worth riding the Marine Liner. The view from the window was just amazing!

Marine Liner3