ECHIRE -Maison du Beurre, croissants and sweets which are baked with “Echire” butter

Croissants and Sweets by Échiré

Since its opening in 2009 the Echire Maison du Beurre has been offering customers croissants and sweets which are baked with “Echire” butter. 


The first special store of Echire not in Paris but in Tokyo

There is no such store in France, the country where Echire comes from. Why was such a store opened in Tokyo?

What is the Echire butter?

“Echire” butter is produced in the small village “Echire” in France. Because of its excellent quality, Echire has been beloved by Japanese people especially who belong to the upper class even before this store opened. It was a good decision of the Japanese trading company to open this store. Japanese people love such a concept “something special with high quality” and “limited availability”. 


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How to buy a butter cake from Échiré maison du beurre

There is a long line every morning still now to wait for opening  of the store in order to get the butter cake (only 15 cakes in a day).

If you want to but a butter cake from Échiré Maison Du Beurre, you should come to the store one hour before the opening (Open hour 10:00) at least.

If less than 14 people are waiting front of you, you can buy the last butter cake. Good Luck!

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Second store in Osaka & third store in Shinjuku

After this first store, the second store “Echire Marche au Beurre” was opened in Osaka, now the third store “Echire Patisserie au Beurre in Shinjuku was opened in October 2018.  These 2 stores are more specialised on the sweets. 

If you want to try them, you should surely wait in the line. But don’t forget that you can eat the sweets from Echire only in Japan. The packages of sweets are so lovely. They are good souvenirs for girls.