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Chewy like Mochi? Hi-Chew Premium

Hi-chew is one of our favourite Japanese chewing candy, therefore we couldn’t help but buy it when we saw this new version.

Hi Chew Premium sagahonoka

Hi chew premium Sagahonoka

Sagahonoka is the famous breed of strawberries which is produced mainly in the Saga prefecture.

Hi Chew Premium sagahonoka2

According to the package, this Hi-chew Premium has a chewy texture like mochi and the smell and taste of Sagahonoka strawberries fill the mouth when biting.


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A new kind of Hi-Chew

When compared to the standard Hi-Chews, the premium version is apparently smaller.

Hi Chew Premium sagahonoka3

They look like small marshmallows. But when we put them in our mouths, the experience was totally different.

The texture was really chewy like mochi!

Hi Chew Premium sagahonoka4

Honestly, it was hard for us to taste the difference between the fine strawberry scent of  the Sagahonoka and normal strawberry version, but the Hi-Chew premium tasted really good!