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Now, AIRism masks are available in the EU!

After a sensational debut in Japan, now the AIRism masks are finally available at the Uniqlo stores in our home country. 

AIRism Mask1

Without waiting in lines, we could easily get a pack of black masks.


Souvenirs from Japan

You can find more information and our advices here!

Easy to breath but high protection

We’ve already used some types of masks, but this AIRism mask is really good for breathing comfortably. Only when we were running, we felt that it was hard to breathe.


According to the package, it blocks 99% of bacterias!

Our choice is size M, it is good for women, but for our child it is a bit loose. If you are not sure which size is suitable for you, we recommend visiting the Uniqlo store. You can feel free to see each size of the mask at the store using the samples.