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The Nr.1 sales in the category "mixed rice snacks" in Japan

If you want to try many kinds of Japanese rice crackers at a time, we recommend the Tsumamidane from Kameda Seika.


4 kinds of rice crackers, 3 kinds ofJapanese chips, a fried squid snack, bean snack and small fish are included in a package.

According to the information on the package, this product has the Nr.1 sales in the category “mixed rice snacks” in Japan.


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Are 10 different snacks really included?

When we opened the package, some same snacks came out.. Hmm, is it really true that 10 different snacks are in this package?


We checked the contents very carefully.


The 10 different snacks are really included in every package!

Our favourite is the rice cracker with Nori.The small fish gave us an impact when opened, but don’t worry, its taste does not have a very big impact. 


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