Taking a ferry to Shodoshima in the Inland sea of Japan

The way to Shodoshima by ferry

After getting off the Sunrise Express, we were heading forward to the port of Takamatsu, in order to buy our ferry tickets. Tickets to where? To the port of Tonosho on Shodoshima!

We have wanted to visit this island  in the Inland sea of Japan since some years ago, but the access to this island not easy for tourists from overseas.

It is also possible from Kobe, Himeji or Okayama to take a ferry which goes to Shodoshima, but these 3 ports are far away from the JR stations. The Port of Takamatsu gives the best access to Shodoshima for users of a Japan Rail Pass, it takes only 5 minutes on foot from Takamatsu station. Moreover, the ferry to Shodoshima goes almost every hour and it takes only 60 minutes.


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Be aware, there is more than one port on Shodoshima!

When purchasing your ticket at the ticket centre, you must pay attention, to which port on Shodoshima you want to go. Shodoshima is a big island, maybe bigger than you expect. If you reach a wrong port, you’ll lose much time.

Ferry ticket from Takamatsu to Shodoshima costs only 690 Yen

The Tonosho port has maybe the best access from Takamatsu, a ferry goes to the Tonosho port almost each hour and a ticket costs only 690 Yen per adult. You can check the information here (It is only in Japanese, but you can use the Google translation on the top of the link page).


Unfortunately the weather on this day was rainy and very windy.

It was also possible to take a hydrofoil which also goes to the Tonosho port, but it is expensive (1170 Yen and 1550 Yen at night). But it is faster than a ferry, it takes only 35 minutes.

We were really happy that we didn’t take a hydrofoil, because our ferry was violently shaking…


For most of the passengers, it was a big attraction, but some of the passengers were down because they were seasick…

Honestly saying, we felt relieved when we could see Shodoshima. If we had ridden a hydrofoil, we would surely have also gotten seasick.


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