Sangen Jaya, fans of “Tokyo Girl” from Amazon Prime Video must visit here

Is Sangen-Jaya the best area to start a Tokyo life?

After watching “Tokyo Girl” from Amazon Prime Video, we indeed wanted to visit Sangen Jaya

The heroine “Aya” started her Tokyo life here. 

Sangen Jaya

This photo was taken from the top of the carrot tower. This is a part of central Tokyo, but the atmosphere here is different. Not so cool but very friendly. 

The heroine from Tokyo Girl moved to Ebisu because of step up her life as a glamour girl. But for us it is hard to understand why she didn’t want to stay in Sangen-Jaya anymore. After visiting here, we think so even more strongly. 


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Many gourmet spots are located here!

If you watched “Tokyo Girl” from Amazon Prime, you should know this sign.

Sangen Jaya2

There are many restaurants in this Suzuran doori (Street of lily of the valley). The iconic Takoyaki shop is also near here, but when we visited here, it was too early to buy Takoyaki. 


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