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Fusen no mi (ballon fruit) gum from Lotte

fusennomi gum

Honestly, we would have never tried such product without our child. No doubt, the Fusennomi (balloon fruit) gum from Lotte is for kids! We can easily imagine how it tastes.

fusennomi gum2

Our child proudly explained that the large white one is yogurt flavour, light pink is sour blueberry and the pink one is blueberry.


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How to enjoy the Fusennomi gum

Because this product is obviously made for kids, these sweet gum balls look like beads from a bracelet for little girls. 

Our child threw one of them in his mouth and they were yummy, but he complained that one gum ball is too small to make a bubble.

fusennomi gum3

Therefore we asked our Japanese expert about this gum from Japan. The solution was brutally simple, just take 5 or more gum balls!

These gum balls are very flexible to make various size of bubbles. If you want to make a big bubble, take as many gum balls as you can.

Okay, that makes sense!


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