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Kewpie Mayonnaise with a zodiac glass

For us, the kewpie mayonnaise is the only one. Maybe if you’ve already tried it, you can easily understand what we mean. In Europe, it is possible to get Kewpie mayonnaise at the Asian markets. But we got a special Kewpie mayonnaise from our relatives in Japan.

The Kewpie mayonnaise zodiac version in the glass.

kewpie zodiac

We have never seen it but actually, the glass version of Kewpie mayonnaise is on sale as normal Kewpie mayonnaise. But this zodiac version is only sold at certain stores in Japan.

Silent killer

Japanese New Year

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A New Year's wish from the Kewpie baby!

kewpie zodiac2

According to infos, this zodiac version is good for a new year’s greeting present. By the way, regarding the taste of the zodiac mayonnaise, the same mayonnaise as the normal Kewpie mayonnaise is just put into the zodiac version glass. 

kewpie mayonnaise

But thanks to the glass being so airtight, many people feel that the glass version has a richer taste. Wow, we can’t wait to try the zodiac Kewpie mayonnaise!


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