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Nr.1 sales in the category for drink candy?

If you already have visited Japan, you have probably seen the Japanese lemonade with the green bottle called “Mitsuya Cider“. It is a very popular drink in Japan. 

We found this product made from Mitsuya cider, Mitsuya Cider candy.

Mitsuya cider candy1

On the package, we found the information that this candy has the Nr.1 sales in Japan. Wow, that is impressive! But if you read more carefully, it says that the Nr.1 sales are in the category “drink candy”.

What kind of category is that?


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While licking a cider candy, does it feel like drinking Mitsuya cider?

What we got, is the assortment pack, but there is not only cider flavour, but also grape, orange and pear flavour.

Mitsuya cider candy2

Be careful, there are 4 different flavours but only cider flavour has fizzy powder inside.

Mitsuya cider candy

Our child reported very excitedly that the fizzy powder came out. He said it is almost like drinking real Mitsuya cider!

But other flavours are honestly saying not that special, just normal tasty candies that are a bit fizzy. Next time, we will only buy cider flavour candies.


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