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Now the most unavailable thing in Japan is a surgical mask

Because of the spreading infections of the corona virus, surgical mask is the most unavailable thing in Japan. According the news, 2 men fought bloody battles in the front of a drug store where many people were in a line for purchasing surgical masks.

Japanese mask

We bought these surgical masks at the 100 Yen shop some years ago. Our child used it for dressing up as a zombie on Halloween. But now if you want these surgical masks, you have to pay loads of money…

mobile phone

How can we clean our smartphone?

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The Corona virus is now in Europe, but wearing surgical masks is not a common thing here

We were really surprised when we saw that many Japanese people were wearing surgical masks. It is very usual in Japan to wear surgical masks because of preventive measures (flu, viruses and pollen).

We had no such customs and it is very hard to get surgical masks, but now we maybe need such surgical masks too. The question is, where we can get them? On Amazon, we’ve found some, but the prices aren’t reasonable…

Is it possible to make a surgical mask by yourself?

We’ve found lots of information about how to make surgical masks by yourself. Because of the lack of surgical masks, handmade surgical masks are now a trend in Japan. It dosen’t seem that hard, we tried one of them, using kitchen paper.

We referred mainly to this information, but we added one more piece of kitchen paper.

The original surgical mask is below,


Our handmade version is below. It was not that hard to make it.

handmade mask

Honestly, it is not comfortable enough, but it feels like it has some effect.

hand towel mask

Making a kitchen towel mask is very easy!

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Not sure if this surgical mask can prevent an infection, but it is surely better than nothing!

There are other versions, for example ones using gauze.

According to the information, it is not sure if such handmade surgical masks can prevent viruses, but it would be effective to avoid infecting other people at least.

We think that such handmade surgical masks are not good enough, but surely they are better than nothing!