Hokkaido steamed cheesecake

Excellent cheesecake from Yamazaki

We found many yummy foods at convenience stores in Japan, the Hokkaido steamed cheesecake is a big sensation. 

This cheesecake from Yamazaki costs only 110 Yen (plus tax), but it taste like expensive cake from a pastry shop.


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This cake celebrates its 20th anniversary

According to information, the original “Steamed cheese cake” from Nichiryo Baking in Hokkaido was produced in 1990, these products were inspired by Tiramisu. It became the most beloved sweet at that time. At the beginning, the steamed cheesecake was sold only in Hokkaido, but after a big success it was sold nationwide and recorded big sales.

Yamazaki, which has a business partnership with Nichiryo Baking, he has been selling “Hokkaido steamed cheesecake” since 1999. This version has been updated and its quality reached a high level.


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How to eat the Hokkaido steamed cheesecake

The Hokkaido steamed cheesecake tastes surely yummy to eat it without adding something, but we found some information about how to eat the Hokkaido steamed cheesecake.

The frozen version, toasted version and using it as a part of a self-made tiramisu or cutting the Hokkaido shape out. 

We’ll try some ideas in our next visit in Japan.