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One of the most famous shaved ice in Tokyo can be eaten at Tokyo University

Shaved ice, or in Japanese “Kakigori” is a very beloved cold sweet in Japan. Since some years ago, very stylish and large Kakigoris have started to be a trend in Japan.

Tokyo University

There are many popular Kakigori cafes in Tokyo, but the Kuriyakashi “Kurogi” is something special. Kurogi is known as the restaurant, where to get a table reservation is  very hard. Kuriyakashi Kurogi is a cafe from this restaurant, which is specialised for Japanese sweets.

The location of this cafe is also very special, it is in the campus from Tokyo University, the best university of Japan.

This building is designed by the famous architect Kengo Kuma


The campus of Tokyo University is very large, but this building is still so outstanding. Sure,  because it is designed by Kengo Kuma, a Japanese star architect. The cafe Kurogi is located in this building.


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Is it good to visit Kurogi on a rainy day?

According to information on the internet, it is necessary to wait for over 1 hour to get a seat at Kurogi. Moreover, 2 hours of waiting is not unusual at weekend in Summer.

We visited Kurogi on a weekday in July and it was raining, but we didn’t expect that we could get our seats at this cafe. Waiting for 1 hour was too long for us, but against all odds, the cafe was not crowded.


Kurogi’s famous shaved ice is the one with black sirup and soy beans powder,  but we selected one with Japanese lime and cream cheese (a July special).

At this cafe, it is necessary that each person must order one thing at least. This cafe is really very special, so prices are also special, higher than other cafes, a bowl of shaved ice costs 1900 Yen and the cheapest coffee costs 860 Yen.

But it was worth to visit here. If we had been more hungry, we would have tried a Warabi Mochi from Kurogi. Because we didn’t expect, that we could get our seat without waiting, we ate too much before coming… We are not sure, but a rainy day is maybe a good day to visit here. 

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