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Grilled eel rice bowl in Tokyo downtown

Do you know Akabane in Tokyo? Akabane was not a that popular area, because the image of this area was not fashionable. But now, Akabane has become a very hot area. Many stores and restaurants which have been popular among locals, are now loved by the Japanese young generation.

We didn’t take care of such a trend, but we had to go there because Goro from Kodoku no Gurume (Solitary Gourmet) visited Akabane!

Solitary Gourmet

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This restaurant Kawaei has a long tradition

Since 1946, the Kawaei has been offering excellent Una-Dons (grilled eel rice bowls) and it has been known as an excellent restaurant in Tokyo.

Goro ate some grilled chicken skewers, an omelette and a grilled eel rice bowl as his last dish. We ordered the same things like Goro and we polished them off. Sure, everything tasted excellent, but the reason was not only because  the good quality, we were really starving.


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Reserve your table!

When we arrived the restaurant, it was 30 minutes before the opening hour (11:30), but some people were already waiting at the front of the restaurant.

We thought that we could take our seats before 13:00, but we were too optimistic, in stead of leading us to some seats, the staff asked for our mobile phone number… “If a table for you will be available, we’ll call you promptly. 

The phone number of our Japanese friend rang just before 14:00

Therefore, we strongly recommend to book your table before your visit. If you have a problem speaking Japanese,you can get some English help for your reservation here.

Machino Parlor

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What is a difference between an Una-Don and Una-Jyu?

Maybe you are going to be asked at the restaurant: “Would you like  an Una-Don or Una-Jyu? 

One of the differences is in which dishes the rice and grilled eel are put in. “Una-Don” is in a bowl and “Una-jyu” is in a box.

Another difference is how many grilled eels are putted in. Una-Don, the rice bowl version has usually less grilled eel than the Una-Jyu, the box version. 

If you select Una-Jyu, you  can find more grilled eel in the rice. That is why an Una-Jyu is more expensive than an Una-Don.