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The lunch box that can be warmed during the train journey

We already recommended some lunch boxes (Ekiben) from Japan. If you don’t like cold lunch boxes and therefore want to avoid to buy Eki bens from Japan, please try this Tan ton Bento from Kobayashi.

tanton bento

It is not a normal cold Ekiben, it can be warmed during your train journey.

You can buy it at Tokyo station and Sendai station. But we bought it in the railway museum in Omiya.

Yukidaruma bento titel

Bento box

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How to warm it

The information on how to warm was  written only in Japanese, but it was easy to understand.

how to warm

Pull out the the yellow string out and wait for 5-6 minutes.

tanton bento2

When we opened the package, a steaming lunch box came out!

The thin sliced beef tongue and pork marinaded with Miso were on the hot rice. This lunch box costs 1200 Yen, little bit expensive for a Ekiben this size, but it is worth more than what it costs. It was really delicious!


Foods in Japan

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How does it work?

According to the internet, calcium oxide (CaO), also known as Quicklime, is commonly used to heat the lunch box.

By pulling the yellow string, water is mixed into the compound and heat is generated.