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Only available during Winter

This Aomori Zeitaku Zanmai bento is not always available at Hachinohe station in Aomori, you can only buy it from October to January.

Aomori zeitaku zanmai

Zeitaku means Luxury and Zamai is full of, so this bento is full of the most exquisite foods from Aomori. You can buy this luxury bento for only 1250 Yen.

Yukidaruma bento titel

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Grilled, sliced tuna from cape Oma in Aomori

The first luxury is cooked sea urchin, the second is salmon roe, and the third one is the slightly grilled tuna from cape Oma.

Aomori zeitaku zanmai2

According to the website of the Ekiben company Yoshidaya, the three luxuries symbolise the fact that Aomori is surrounded by the sea in three directions.