Lemosco or Tabasco?

A new seasoning from Japan, Lemosco

Do you know Lemosco? It looks like yellow tabasco, but its taste is different. After putting it on our dishes, we have to say, “Try this new seasoning from Hiroshima, Japan!”.


Foods in Japan

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Not the same as a tabasco, Lemosco is a different seasoning

Lemosco is made from lemon, salt and green chilli from the Seto Inland sea area, so it is a speciality from the Hiroshima area. 

Lemosco adds a hot taste like tabasco, but it has 2 other tastes, and it gives your dishes salty and sour tastes, and it comes with a very fresh aftertaste and lemon scent. 

We’ve put this Lemosco on a pasta dish, it surprised us that the taste has changed! Lemosco added a fresh and deep taste to our dish.


Souvenirs from Japan

You can find more information and our advices here!

Our recommendation as a souvenir from Japan

Lemosco is maybe a multi-purpose seasoning, the maker recommends it with grilled meat, fried dishes, pasta, etc. 

This seasoning is now also available in supermarkets in Tokyo, not only in Hiroshima, so you can easily find this special seasoning. It costs around 400-500 Yen, it contains 60ml, we’ll buy 3 or 4 bottles of Lemosco in our next visit, yes, now it is our favourite seasoning!

Don’t forget, after opening the bottle, keep it in the refrigerator