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What do Kabuki have to do with rice crackers?

One of our favorite Japanese rice crackers are these Kabukiage from Amanoya.


It is a joy for us that we can buy this mini size version at the Asian market near us.

The name of this product comes from Kabuki. We are sorry, but there is no impressing story about this name. By combining these 2 Japanese traditional things, Kabuki and rice crackers, the company wanted to promote its products.


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Anyway, Kabukiage is one and only!

Although there is no impressive story, the taste of Kabukiage is the one and only! We were really addicted of it!

While we researched about these rice crackers, we found the information that the family crests of Kabuki are punched on the Senbei. Even when looking at the photos of the normal versions on the website, it is hard to find these family crests.

We also checked our small version.


Hmm, it is really hard to see real family crests on these small rice crackers…


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