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Gummies like Italian noodles? Fettuccine Gummi from Bourbon

When we found these fettuccine gummies from Bourbon, we expected that this gummy would be something special. 

fettuccine gummi

We could not imagine how this gummy would taste. A gummy as Italian noodle is also weird for you, isn’t it?


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It feels like "al dente" when eating?

We were really excited when we opened the package, but after that we got a deja vu feeling. In Europe there are many gummies in the market, and we felt that we already had seen similar things somewhere. 

But these fettuccine gummies have an “al dente” feeling by eating. We threw one in our mouth with hope.

fettuccine gummi2

Uhm, it was really hard to say anything…

We had to ask ourselves if this hardness is the same as “al dente”… For us, this gummy was surely yummy, but it is a generic sour grape gummy.

The reason why we couldn’t feel the “al dente” is maybe that this gummy is too short. If it would be longer like real fettuccine noodles, our opinions could be more positive. Or if this name of gummy would be Spätzle gummy (German short pasta), we maybe could agree with the name a bit more.