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Japanese Spaghetti has an awesome quality!

If you don’t know this Japanese spaghetti chain restaurant Goemon, you definitely should try it! When we visited a branch of this restaurant, honestly we did not expect that much. 


One of our choices was this half and half, carbonara spaghetti and basil paste spaghetti. Both dishes were different compared to the real Italian style, but they tasted extraordinary!


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Not only the taste, but also the price is excellent!

This spaghetti was Hokkaido soy sauce and butter with corn, salmon and salmon roe. It looked really good, but its taste was much better than it looks.


This one is a scallop spaghetti. Fresh scallops and dried scallops were used, they tasted awesome!


Though all of our dishes were wonderful, each dish was around 1000 Yen!

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Last minute spaghetti at the Narita Airport!

If you want to try spaghetti from Goemon, but you can’t find any branch during your stay in Japan, you can try it at the Narita Airport.


When we left Japan this year, we ate in this restaurant. It was our last meal in Japan.


It is possible to watch the people cook the spaghetti at this restaurant. Maybe, you can find the secret of the excellent taste of Goemon here.