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Cheap but excellent quality and fresh cooked Tonkatsu at Matsunoya

It is amazing, you can eat fresh fried pork loin cutlet dishes for 500 Yen and up. See the menu from Matsunoya


Matsunoya is one of the chain restaurants which specifies on pork loin cutlet dishes in Japan. Its company has the famous Gyudon (beef and rice bowl) restaurants “Matsuya“. Matsunoya is a pork business of this company.

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Tonkatsu with roasted sesame aroma


Matsunoya pays attention for the quality of the ingredients, though its dishes are inexpensive. For example there is a small mortar with a wooden pestle on the tray. With it you can add a tasty sesame aroma to your Tonkatsu. Matsunoya offers also some seasonal flavour like Japanese basil. 


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Meal ticket vending machine with English information

Its ordering system is very friendly to the international tourists. You’ll buy your meal ticket at the vending machine at first. English information is also written.

Rice & Miso soup refill free, but be careful

If you need more rice or miso soup, it is good to know that  rice and miso soup refill are free. But not all Matsunoya restaurants only self service style restaurants.

Be careful, the self style one is “松の屋”  other one is “松乃家.” Both read Matsunoya. Be careful also for Katsudon, Katsudon is a rice bowl so rice refill is excluded.


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You can search a Matsunoya restaurant which is near from you from here (in English). 

You can find other restaurants from the Matsuya group with this search, so you have to select restaurant “Matsunoya” indeed.