Dekitate panyasan, fresh bakery from kracie

Fresh bakery from Popin'Cookin'

We’ve already tried a Sushi and a Takoyaki version from the Popin’Cookin series of Kracie. This time it’s a bakery “Yakitate Panyasan” (fresh bakery). 


Souvenirs from Japan

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Making this bread is easier than real baking

Because of the school closure, we’ve already made real breads sometimes. Compared to real breads, making sweet bread from Kracie is much easier. 

It is also a big advantage, because the powder used in this bread doesn’t fly all over the table.

dekitate panyasan2

Cleaning the kitchen after “baking” is so easy!

nogami bread and butter

Japanese breads

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Good enough for the eyes, but not large enough for the mouth?

dekitate panyasan3

The melon bread tasted like real Japanese melon bread! The other pastries were also very good, but the size is too small. Our child let us have a bite, but he was watching carefully, making sure that we don’t eat too much.