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50cm long gummy to peel

The Nagai (long) Sakeru (peel) gummy from UHA Mikakuto is one of the favourite gummies of our child. 

sakeru gummy

It is a 50cm long gummy and you can “peel” it when eating. It is surely fun for kids to peel such long gummies.

Don’t confuse the information on the package “+10cm”, this gummy was only 40cm long before. Thanks to the renewal, it is now 50cm long. It doesn’t mean that it is 60 cm long.

sakeru gummy2

Regarding the taste of this gummy, it has a very strong chemical grape, in contrast to the very natural – tasting Cororo. Both of them are products from the same company.


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You can measure your social distancing with this gummy

The UHA Mikakuto is now selling the social distancing gummy

“If you peel this gummy 3 times, it will be 2m long so you can easily measure your social distancing with it.” 

The social distance gummy is the same grape flavor, probably only the package changed and the gummy looks the same as the normal peeling gummy…


Measuring social distance is surely possible, but after that, it is hard to imagine eating this used gummy…