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Hotel Zuiho is surely exciting for international tourists

When we visited Sendai to meet our relatives, they booked a room at Hotel Zuiho. It is located in the Akiu hot spring area and is famous for its good buffet restaurants.

Right after we stepped inside, we were really surprised.


There was so much flashy gold everywhere!

And we even saw some Samurai armors.


We were really impressed with this gorgeous Japanese style hotel.

Our room also was in a really good Japanese style! 


Not only the design, every other thing about this hotel was excellent, especially for international tourist like us!


Hotel & Hot spring in Japan

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Another surprise before going to the large open-air bath

Before our dinner, we went to the large open-air hot spring. There was a pool with koi fishes on the way to the hot springs!


Koi food was available at the shop, so our child tried to feed them.

It was terrifying that so many Kois rushed to him in order to get their food…

koi fish

The Koi fishes looked so beautiful, but they were really greedy.

The open-air hot spring was incredible too. It was very spacious and we could really enjoy the hot springs. You can see the photos here.


Hotel & Hot spring in Japan

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The dinner buffet was awesome!

The dinner and breakfast are buffet style, so you can eat as much as you want within 90 minutes. You can see more details here

The quality of the Tempura, roast beef, Sushi, sweets! and more, was incredible! Especially the seafood was fantastic!

Our child was very satisfied, because he could eat as much salmon roe and fatty tuna Sushi as he wanted.


Indoor swimming pool is free for hotel guests

After dinner, we enjoyed the indoor swimming pool in the hotel.

Hotel guests can use this pool for free from 15:00 to 21:00. There were only a few people, it almost looked like our private pool.

How to access Hotel Zuiho

From Sendai station, you can ride a free shuttle bus, but a seat reservation via telephone call is necessary

There are some other busses starting at Sendai station, but they are not for free. It takes around 40-50 minutes to get to the hotel from Sendai station.


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