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The penny candy shopkeeper recommends Kuru Kuru bo Jelly

When we visit Japan, we buy many Dagashis (cheap candys and snacks) at a Dagashiya (Japanese penny candy store). The shopkeeper recommended this Kuru Kuru Bo Jelly (twisted stick jelly)

kurukurubo jelly

She told us that these products are loved by many children. We took this jelly into our shopping basket and brought it to our country.


Foods in Japan

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This jelly attracts lots of children

For an adult person, this jelly is not that special, it tastes like cheap jelly and has a chemical aroma and artificial sweetener. But for our child, it tastes awesome! He bought many Kuru Kuru Bo jellys as souvenir and gave them to his friends as a souvenir from Japan.

kurukurubo jelly2

The reaction of his friends surprised us too, “Buy more for me in Japan!” and “We love this jelly so much!” 

This kuru kuru bo jelly has something which attracts children not only in Japan but also in other countries.


Souvenirs from Japan

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The production of the Kuru Kuru Bo jelly is going to end in September 2020...

This news was a big shock especially for our child, Kuru Kuru Bo jelly’s production is to end in September 2020.

Actually, we were going to visit Japan this Summer again, but it won’t be possible… Our child already planned to possibly buy many Kuru Kuru Bo Jellys this year… It is really sad news…