You are currently viewing 【J-Alert】  nationwide warning system

Do you know the J-Alert?

When we visited Japan some years ago, our smart phone suddenly rang.  It totally surprised us, it was a J-Alert, a nation-wide warning system in Japan.

Fortunately, when our smart phone rang, it was only a small earthquake. 


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Having info for a safe stay in Japan

If a strange sound come from your smart phone, you should pay attention. Because we had no information about the J-Alert in advance, the sound surprised us strongly.

Therefore it would be better to hear the real sound in advance, you can hear real J-Alerts below. But there are many versions, it depends on what kind of disaster happened.

In this video, the information is only in Japanese, we are not sure if other language announcements are already in operation.

The "Safety tip" app can help you

If you notice thanks to the J-Alert that something happened, what should you do? 

Since 2018, the “Safety tip” app is ready to be downloaded. With this app, you can get information about disasters and get tips what to do in such a situation. It covers English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. 

Hopefully nothing happens during your stay, but with this app, you can feel safe in case of an emergency.