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Make your special mask for eating

It was sensational news from our favourite family restaurant Saizeriya. It was announced on Youtube as a request to wear a mask when eating in Saizeriya, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wear a usual surgical mask when you eat.

The announcement is only in Japanese, but you can understand how to make a mask for eating, the so calledShabereru kun (Mr. speakable”) using a paper napkin and your own surgical mask (The tutorial starts at 0:44). You are asked to wear this “Shabereru kun”, when you eat at Saizeriya.

Can it save the Japanese food service industry?

The idea is really simple and easy to introduce anywhere, but eating while wearing this mask surely looks weird for many people. Despite that, we really want to try this in our next restaurant visit near us. If it was unbelievable last year that people wear their masks in the train, maybe “Shabereru kun” will become a usual thing in restaurants in the near future.


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