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We made the Japanese bread "Shiopan" at home

Due to the corona virus, we have a new hobby, making Japanese bread at home.

Today, we tried to make Japanese Shiopan (salty bread). Many bakeries in Japan sell this Shiopan. We can probably not visit Japan this year because of the corona virus, so making Japanese breads is cheering up us somehow.

shiopan japan

Shiopan = Salzstange?

While researching recipes of Shiopan, we found some Japanese information “Shiopan means salty bread, which comes from Salzstange“.

Salzstange? Does it mean that Shiopan is not a Japanese bread but German bread?

But in Germany, Salzstange is not a bread but a salty snack… See here.


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An Austrian Salzstange is not a Japanese Shiopan

We researched more and found out that Salzstange is a bread from Austria. See here, it looks like really similar to a Japanese Shiopan, but we think this Austrian Salzstange is not the same as Japanese Shiopan.

A Japanese Shiopan has so much butter inside, but according to nutrition information an Austrian Salzstange contains only 1.7g fat per 100g. Japanese Shiopan has a very rich butter aroma and when biting a freshly baked Shiopan, melted butter runs out. 1.7g butter is not enough for that.

Shiopan is maybe a calorie monster, but we are addicted to it.