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Try your luck at the beginning of the new year

If you are going to visit Japan in the beginning of January, we recommend you to buy some Fukubukuros.

When you can see many people waiting in a long line in cold weather in Tokyo, this line would be for Fukubukuros (lucky bags).

In a Fukubukuro, there many unknown things. You can try your luck this year with this bag. Often it is worth to buy it because it is contains that are worth more than its original price.


Are you going to travel with your Japan Rail Pass?

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A pre entry ticket is needed and sometimes you need to win a lottery

To get a Fukubukuro from some beloved stores is not that easy. For example, for Fukubukuros from Starbucks you need a pre entry ticket and you have to win a lottery. Getting such a favourite Fukubukuro is very hard for international tourists, but you can get some of Fukubukuros in Tokyo somehow. 

Battlefield in the new year?

Lucky bags has long tradition in Japan. Therefore you can find some almost everywhere on the first sales day of the new year. An especially large number of people is waiting before the opening of some beloved stores. Many people camp out in the line to get their lucky bags. Some trouble happens every year, cutting  in the line or pushing line. If you want to get your lucky bag peacefully, please follow the rules. Don’t cut in  line and wait in the line orderly.

Souvenirs from Japan

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Lucky or unlucky?

If you want to get something special from Japan, we recommend Village van Guard.

Fukubukuros from Village van Guard are known to be the most risky lucky bag. Most of the contents in Fukubukuros from Village van Guard are so called trash.

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