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Don't leave Takamatsu without trying a real Sanuki Udon!

We recommend strongly to try Sanuki Udon in Kagawa, even if you are in a hurry. Honestly, you can eat Sanuki Udon everywhere in Japan, but the quality of Sanuki Udon in Kagawa is is on a different level.

Near the Takamatsu station there are some good Udon restaurants.The price is low and you don’t need to wait long for your dish. 

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The Meriken Ya near Takamatsu station opens from 7:00 until 20:00

While waiting that the train would come, we went to the Meriken Ya near Takamatsu station. The shop looked new and clean.

It was almost 14:00, but many Japanese working men were eating their Udons. This shop seemed very popular for local people.

When ordering it took a little bit time, because we had to select if the noodles should be cold or hot, but it was not that long. Additionally, we picked some tempuras from the showcase. It took only about 5 minutes after entering the shop until we were ready to eat.

The taste of the Sanuki Udon was really good! You shouldn’t leave Takamatsu without trying real Sanuki Udon!