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The gummy you have to chew hard

Recently, we were very actively testing gummies in Japan. One of the most impressive ones is this Tough gummy from Kabaya.

tough gummy

Apparently the key feature of this gummy is its hardness. It has a strong elasticity so you need to chew hard.


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Gummy with probiotic drink flavour

At first, we did not pay attention to the flavour of this gummy. But after throwing one in our mouth, we were really surprised by the taste of this gummy.

tough gummy3

The taste was really probiotic drink flavour! It was impressive to recreate this probiotic drink taste as a gummy.

The hardness of this gummy is moderate, but a good balance with the flavour.

We strongly recommend to test this tough gummy from Kabaya, if you have a chance! There is another version, an assortment pack also in sale. In this version, cola, energy drink, soda drink flavour are included. We are very eager to try this different version!


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