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Our favourite convenience store in Japan

We visit Japan at Summer or early Autumn. These seasons are often still hot or warm, especially for tourists from middle Europe.

By sightseeing, we often took a break at this convenience store called “Mini Stop”. But we read very sad news online. The Mini Stop has already closed 193 branches and has been facing a crisis situation in terms of  management. We are very sad, that so many Mini Stops have closed already. Hopefully, Mini stop won’t get any smaller. Why we think so, you can read below.

There are many convenience stores in Japan, that offer some cold sweets, hot snacks and fresh drinks (We do not mean drinks in cans or PET bottles).

Mini Stop is a pioneer of them, especially the cold sweets made Mini Stop popular.

Halohalo, which originally comes from the Philippines, has become a very popular cold sweet in Japan because of Mini Stop. The soft cream from Mini stop is also a very beloved sweet. The soft ice cream has a rich taste, in spite of the low price (220Yen).


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Must try the seasonal versions from Mini Stop!

We love to try the seasonal cold sweets from Mini Stop. These Halo halos are sliced, iced white peaches and strawberries. Their taste was so fresh! The balance with the rich tasting soft cream is perfect! The prices are also good, only 320 Yen  each.

The standard version of Halohalo is also good, it is with nata de coco, some fruits, jelly and soft ice cream (270 Yen).

Parfaits cost a little bit more, around 350 Yen. There are some versions with fruits like strawberries or mango, and pudding and chocolate.


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You can eat these cold sweets at the store.

The Mini Stop has been offering some seats at stores since many years ago. Now, other convenience stores also offer such spots at their stores. 

Now, it is extremely hot in Japan. If you go out with your cold sweet, it melts quickly. You should eat them in the Mini Stop and do a “mini stop”! 


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