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Our favourite chahan is from a local Chinese restaurant

Of course, we like to visit exclusive restaurants in Tokyo, but we really love the local Chinese restaurants in Japan.

Every time when we visit Japan, we appreciate such dishes.


Especially, we love chahan, fried rice. You can buy this dish at some Chinese stall near you. But it is not that easy to cook this dish the Japanese style


Foods in Japan

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Kobashi Chahan no moto from KALDI

We got this Chahan seasoning from KALDI as a gift from a friend. This year, we can’t fly to Japan, so it is time to cook chahan, in order to cheer up ourselves.

Kaldi chahan

Awesome Chahan

We really took much time to recreate good chahan. Only with this seasoning, you can not recreate chahan. Before making Chahan, we’ve already prepared Japanese Char siu (Charshu). We also  needed spring onions, eggs and cooked rice.

Kaldi chahan2

It was all worth it in the end. Our chahan was delicious! Now we have plenty of time to cook more things because of the coronavirus.