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One of the best Chicken rice bentos in Japan

When you visit Odate, in Akita you have to try the famous chicken rice bento from Hanazen. According to the internet, this chicken rice bento is one of the best 3 ones in Japan.

Tori meshi

This chicken rice bento (lunch box) already won some prizes and certain lunch boxes have to be booked in advance.

But some of them need no reservation. We selected the one which costs 1180 Yen.

tori meshi hanazen

We ate this lunch box in the Resort Shirakami. It was amazingly delicious! Surely, the chicken rice was really good quality and had a fine taste, but the other side dishes also were really good. Especially, the eggplant cooked with miso sauce (in the center) was so tasty! Actually, our child did not like eggplant, but after eating this eggplant, he started liking it!

furusawa onsen

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How to buy a Tori Meshi bento in Odate

If you want to try the gorgeous version of the chicken rice bento, you have to book them until 17:00 2 days before. Reservation is only possible by telephone or fax. Maybe it is not that easy for an international tourist…

At the convenience store “New days” in Odate station, you can buy some lunch boxes from Hanazen, but if you have time, we recommend to visit the store from Hanazen.

The Hanazen store is very close to Odate station, closer than the Akita dog visitor centre.

There is a restaurant where you can eat some special lunches. But be careful, the opening hours of the restaurant are from 10:00 to 14:30.

Yukidaruma bento titel

Bento box

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