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Ponyo is on Netflix from April

Because of the lockdown, our life depends more on Netflix in order to focus our mind on something positive.

For us, it is very good news that we can watch Ponyo starting on the 01.04. on Netflix (except in Japan, US and Canada).

The story of Ponyo has little bit of similarity with our current “emergency” situation. 


Foods in Japan

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Ponyo's ramen is easy to cook

ponyo ramen

The most iconic food in Ponyo is ramen, or so we think. 

Lisa cooked ramens with boiled water in a bowl, but we cooked with a small pot, because our DEMAE RAMEN needed to be cooked. 

Demae ramen

It is really easy to cook instant ramen, our child can now cook it by himself.

In Tokyo, many people rushed to the supermarket last week and the cup ramen was sold well.

Hopefully, this situation all over the world will blow away soon..