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Our favourite Ghibli movie "Castle in the Sky" is now on Netflix

How many times did our child watch “Castle in the Sky”, we can’t count the number of times any more, but every time he watches it, he is freshly fascinated with the world of Laputa.

volucite crystal

Surely, when he visited the Ghibli shop in Tokyo, we bought the Sheeta’s small blue crystal pendant.


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Pazu's fried egg toast

Maybe, Pazu’s fried egg toast is the most impressive food in castle in the sky. It is easy to cook, but it is better with a Japanese white bread loaf, we think. Sure, it is possible to use a slice of sandwich bread, but it is too thin for this toast.

laputa bread

We had this toast this time, because we could get a Japanese white bread loaf and the quality of this bread was amazingly good!


Foods in Japan

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A Japanese bakery in Germany

As a souvenir from Düsseldorf in Germany, we got some Japanese bread! One of them were 6 slices of Japanese white bread loaf.

All breads from the “Bakery My Heart were fantastic! The quality was really good. 

bakery my heart2

OMG, we need such a bakery right next door!