You are currently viewing Toumorico, a corn snack from Calbee

Taste just like boiled sweet corn?

The Jagarico from Calbee is one of our favourite snacks from Japan, but the Jagabee is our favourite from Calbee.


We just found out that similar products like the Jagarico are on sale, one of them is the Toumorico.


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You can cook corn soup with Toumorico

Exactly, the Toumorico tasted just like  boiled sweet corn! We were wondering while eating if we were eating a snack or something like baby food?

Even though Toumorico is so called junk food, its taste is totally natural.


The maker Calbee offers some interesting info, you can use Toumorico for cooking. You can cook corn soup or cream pasta with Toumorico!

The idea is not that bad, but if you love junk food, we can not recommend Toumorico. This snack is maybe too healthy for you.


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