Shodoshima ramen “Hishio”, you can taste it in Okayama too

We already left Shodoshima, but we still want to eat things from Shodoshima, is it possible?

The Shodoshima ramen house Hishio is one of the most famous and beloved ramen house in Shodoshima. We wanted to try this ramen, but we had already left Shodoshima… 

But we could taste this special ramen in Okayama too. Yes, in Okayama, there are 2 branches of Hishio. 


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You must try this special ramen!


This is a Negi Hishio soba, it is more spring onion added to a standard ramen.


This one is a Chashu men, with more sliced grilled pork filet. 

They tasted really good! The soup had aroma and a deep flavour. We selected an olive cider from Shodoshima as our drink. 

It was a very good combination, the deep flavour of the ramen and the fruity flavour of this olive cider. We were very happy, because we could taste this speciality from Shodoshima here in Okayama.


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If you are still hungry, try the refill

The refill is a wonderful system, if you want to eat more, you can get noodles extra. Here in Hishio, you can get such a refill with sliced pork and spring onion and the refill is free. Unbelievably, you can ask for a refill as many time as you want!