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Not Shumai, but Shiumai


Shumai, Chinese dumpling are one of our favourite dishes. When we traveled by train in Japan, we very often bought a Shumai box from Kiyoken.

Shiumai? Is this dish actually spelled Shumai? No, it’s actually Shiumai,  dumplings from Kiyoken are something special.

If you not only want to eat Shiumai, but also with rice and other dishes, we recommend to choose a Shiumai Bento.

This Shiumai Bento is a beloved Bento in Japan. In a Shiumai Bento only 5 dumplings are included, but some grilled salmon, fried chicken and more are in the well balanced lunch box. 


Are you going to travel by trains? Don't forget to buy your Bento!

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The porcelain soy sauce bottle "Hyochan" is included

The reason why we recommend Shiumai boxes is the soy sauce bottle with a face. Surprisingly, this bottle is NOT made from plastic, but it is porcelain!

Its name is Hyochan, there are some type of faces of Hyochan. It looks very funny.