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We made a swiss roll at home

Due to the corona virus, we had to spend almost all of our time at home during these 3 months. During this corona time, we baked many Japanese sweets at home.

Among these, the most complicated sweet to make was this Swiss roll.

swiss roll2

Do you think, “A swiss roll? That’s not a Japanese sweet”. You’re right, but the reason we wanted to bake this swiss roll was one Japanese cat


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Genbaneko, the legendary internet meme from Japan

Do you know the Genbaneko ( cat construction workers)? This cat is always pointing and calling “Yoshi (good)”.

We love this cat so much and have been collecting many pins on our secret board at Pinterest. Recently, we found a new Genbaneko with a swiss roll, this cat is called “Metaboneko (metabolic cat). The Metaboneko always holds a swiss roll and always eats a swiss roll without cutting it.

We wanted try this eating style, but our swiss roll was too huge to eat without cutting.

Maybe, the swiss roll which the Metaboneko eats is a Swiss roll from Yamazaki.

Surprisingly, a swiss roll from Yamazaki contains only 892 kcal. It is almost same calories as eating a big mac and big size fried potatoes.

When we can travel Japan again, we have to try to eat a swiss roll from Yamazaki without cutting it.


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