You are currently viewing Joël Robuchon, the iconic restaurant in “Tokyo Girl” got 3 Michelin stars this year again!

The Jöel Robuchon in Ebisu got 3 stars in the latest Michelin Guide Tokyo 2020!

If you arrive in the Yebisu Garden Place,  your eyes will be soon caught by this Western-style mansion. This mansion is one of the top restaurants in Tokyo “Jöel Robuchon“.

Joël Robuchon2
Machino Parlor

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The iconic restaurant in "Tokyo Girl" from Amazon Prime Video

Joël Robuchon

We got to know this restaurant by watching the Amazon Prime Video series “Tokyo Girl”.

The heroine “Aya” from Akita wished to be invited to this restaurant by her future steady boyfriend before her 30th birthday. If a girl in Tokyo is invited by a man to this restaurant for a date before getting 30 years old, she is recognised a suitable girl.

We were really surprised about this series because there are so many rules for girls in Tokyo. It would be really hard to survive in Tokyo as a glamour girl.


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Reserve a table by yourself, if you don't care about such rules of Tokyo girls

The latest Michelin Guide Tokyo 2020 has been published some days ago. The most famous Sushi restaurant in Japan “Sukiyabashi Jiro” is not in the book any more, because reserving a seat is impossible for a first-time visitor.

However, Jöel Robuchon has still been a Michelin 3- star restaurant in this latest rating, it has been keeping the highest rating for 13 years. You can reserve a table on the website.

You should be dressed up by visiting Jöel Robuchon, there is a dress code in this restaurant.It is not necessary to buy an expensive dress for revolving payment like the heroine from “Tokyo Girl”, but T-shirts, sandals, shorts etc. are not permitted.