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Making Japanese sweets with rice flour at home

Mochi is one of our favourite Japanese foods. Using rice flour, we made 2 traditional mochi sweets at home.

Glutinous rice Flour

Such rice flour is available at an asian supermarket, our choice was a glutinous one.


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It's so easy to make Dangos at home

The first one is called Dango, a Japanese sweet dumpling made with rice flour. 


Surprisingly, they were very easy to make. Watch this video, it is only in Japanese, but very easy to understand.

Mix the rice flour and sugar with water, until the texture becomes like clay. Knead the mass and make small balls, and boil them in a pot. If they float,  scoop them up after waiting 2 for minutes. The Mitarashi sauce (sweet soy sauce) is also very easy to make, only using soy sauce, sugar and starch. 

We recommend to buy the sweet red beans paste instead of making it yourself.

Daifuku is a lot harder...

We watched some videos which explain how to make daifuku, mochis stuffed with sweet red beans paste, using a microwave. It looks so easy in this video.

ichigo daifuku

But it was absolutely not easy…

In the end, we could pull it off, but the mochi dough was too hot and very sticky…  

They were delicious, but after eating them it took so much time to clean up… We hardly can recommend making them…

hokusai sabou3

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