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Must try cheese tarts of Kinotoya Bake

If you visit some major cities in Japan, you will find small shops at the train stations where fresh baked sweets are sold. 

Since some years ago, cheese tarts have been popular in Japan, especially the ones from the shops called “Bake“.

Trend sweets are at train stations

You can eat these cheese tarts warm, cold or frozen. you can make them warm with a toaster and they taste like they are fresh from the oven. If you eat them  cold, they taste like raw cheese cake. If you eat them frozen, they will taste more like cheese ice cream. For the international tourists it is good to know that you can also buy them single for 170-210 Yen.

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Expanding around the World?

This trend has started in Sapporo. Kinotoya is one of the most famous patisseries in Sapporo, its Hokkaido milk cookies “Sapporo Agricultural college” are one of the best seller souvenirs in Hokkaido. 

Kinotoya started to sell the fresh baked cheese tarts at the Shin-Chitose Airport, Hokkaido in 2012. 

These cheese tarts were voted as a Nr.1 Souvenir at this airport and have been evaluated. After this success Kinotoya has started another company called”Bake” and they sell these cheese tarts not only in major cities in Japan but also Korea, China, Singapore and USA.


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Big soft ice cream

Big soft cream ice is also our recommendation. Its size may surprise you, it is maybe even longer than your face. It is very important to know before purchasing it, to share it with someone. It is too big as a dessert for one person. It contains lots of fat, so that it will make you very full.