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What are Gindako-Takoyaki?

Gindako is a one of the chain shops of Takoyaki in Japan.

The Gindako‘s products special feature is the outside of Takoyaki is almost fried and the inside is creamy. Freshly made Takoyakis are steaming hot, but we prefer eating such hot Takoyakis to cold one.


Souvenirs from Japan

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Takoyaki in soup?

Not only standard toppings but also boiled egg and Teriyaki sauce, maybe not traditional style. Also, Gindako offers a version with cold soup. Such a style is not a new one, there is a Akashiyaki in Kobe. This one is eaten in clear soup. Gindako offers also some seasonal versions, like lemon and coriander.

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Get your stamp card!

You can get a stamp card at the shop. Your first card is a red one, by buying one portion (8 Takoyaki) you get one stamp. On the  8th, 18th and 28th day of the month you get your stamps double. If 20 stamps are on your red card, you can get one free portion of takoyaki and your new stamp card, this time the color is silver. With this silver one only 12 stamps can be collected. If you fill 3 silver stamp cards, you can finally get your golden card! More information here (Sorry, it is only in Japanese).

If you don’t like Gindako, surely you don’t need this card. But for who says “It doesn’t make sense, because I don’t come to Japan often”, it is good to know that this stamp card has no expiration date.